Here is roughly what your current assignments folder should look like:


Here are all of the homepage announcements to date:

For Thursday 2/18

  • Read lesson pages on Typography and Color in detail
  • Finish ROYGBIV assignment - Go a little further than checking off the requirements. Don’t forget to have some fun with the fonts, colors, and maybe some other properties! We’ll share at least handful of these in class to see what you guys come up with.

For Monday 2/15

  • The big thing for today/this weekend is the Intro to CSS lesson and video
  • Download and review course syllabus
  • Check out the VSCode tips and features resource page/video
  • Begin assignment 03 ROYGBIV if you're ready (due next Thursday 2/18)

Just finished grading the Constitution Text assignments and I have to say they were excellent. Formatting, tag usage, et al were very consistent which is really encouraging.

The plan for Monday includes:

  • Intro to CSS feedback, questions
  • Color and Typography lessons will be “officially ready”. I have to review the Typography lesson for any possible updates, but feel free to peek ahead at them anyway if you’re ready to.
  • Introduce Browser Developer Tools

This will cover the remaining things you'll need to complete the ROYGBIV assignment.

For Thursday 2/11

  • Assignment 02 HTML Practice - be sure to name your first html file index.html, but your second page can have any name you like. Just stick to the suggested lowercase-no-spaces file naming!

For Monday 2/8

  • Fill out Intro HTML video feedback survey (sent via email again)
  • Finish Assignment 01 Constitution Text. Ignore the part of the assignment directions page about turning in at the end of class. We'll finish this up for homework and it'll be due at the beginning of next class.
  • Reply to ice breakers! You don't have to read and reply to everyone, but I'd like to see by Monday that everyone has at least 4-5 replies.

For Thursday 2/4

  • Complete the work environment survey (Google form, sent via email)
  • Workspace Setup instructions (Canvas page)
  • Lesson/Demo: Intro to HTML (lesson page + video) - Write down any questions or confusion you have as you're working on this. It'll make next class way more productive so I can answer all of your questions, no matter how large or small or silly!
    • You do not need to upload or submit your finished demo code.
  • Slack ice breakers!