Assignment: Final Project Finished

Project components:

  • Proposal (complete)
  • Wireframes (complete)
  • Code and Design
  • Project Summary/Presentation

Files and Code:

  • Offline files are in a separate folder from web ready files.
  • No spaces or illegal characters in any file names. Nobody likes %20 links!
  • Remove as much excess code as possible. If you've used any demo files or other example code as a template you should remove any CSS rules, comments, etc. that don't apply to this project.
  • HTML should validate, meaning that all tags are used correctly and properly nested. To help check this you can try running your html through the W3C Validator.
  • Code should be cleanly formatted, indented, spaced, and readable. The "Format Document" command in VSCode should take care of most of this for your HTML.
  • Verify that all of your links work. This includes anchor tags, linked images, css/javascript files, etc.

Content and Design:

  • Site navigation should be straightforward.
  • Images should be properly saved for web. Vector images saved as svg (or png if necessary); raster and photographic images saved as properly sized and compressed jpg. In most cases images should be smaller than 1MB each.
  • Any CSS effects or JavaScript components should work properly as intended.
  • All of the content included on your site should be complete. For example, if you're creating a portfolio site, you should not include projects or content that is unfinished.
  • If you're building a fully responsive design, be sure to test it on a large screen in addition to smaller sizes.

Project Summary

Include a short written project summary with your submitted files.

  • Written summary should be in PDF format (if using Google Docs you can download a copy in pdf format and save that into your google drive folder)
  • Provide a very brief description of the project before viewing (Is this a portfolio site? What kinds of work and timeframe does it cover? Is this a website for a brand or business? What's the premise and type of business?)
  • Provide a brief summary of how the project went (Are there any notable layout components? What aspects of the website or details are your particularly happy with? Where did you spent a particular amount of effort? What did you struggle with?)

Presentation (if applicable)

Again the written project summary should be short. 1-2 paragraphs. If you find that you have a lot to say—enough that the project can't be adequately summarized in this length—you should still keep the summary to 1-2 paragraphs, but also present your project to verbally describe all of the aspects that you'd like to show and tell.

If you choose to present the project this can be done either live during the final exam block, or prerecorded and uploaded with your final project files on Google Drive.

Deployment and Project Submission:

Final project files will all be collected through Google Drive. Your named folder should already have a final-project directory containing your proposals and wireframes where you can add the finished project and summary.

To verify that everything will work correctly when I download your project from Google Drive, you may want to download a temporary copy of your project yourself and test it.

Here is roughly what your final project folder on Google Drive should look like:


I will do my best to continue to be accessible for help by email. Good luck finishing up!