Assignment: Create a Splash Page

Create a home page to use on the student server. Make it look however you want!

  • Include a list or menu of some kind with links to all of your assignments.
  • Include at least one CSS background somewhere on the page (image or gradient). It doesn't have to be multiple layers or be very advanced, and it doesn’t have to be the whole page either. I'm just looking to see that you can set up a background-image and its related properties.
  • If your assignments' web-ready files are properly organized, they should be easy to upload and have the links work from the splash page.
  • On your hard drive, your splash page files can go directly in your assignments/ folder.
  • On the server, your www/ or student-name/ folder will mirror the structure of your assignments/ folder.
  • When submitting this assignment through Google Drive however, save the splash page files into an assignment folder like all others assignments.

The navigation and folder structure on your server should make it easy to update and add future assignments. Here's roughly what it should look like (folders indicated with a /):

    index.html          <-- splash page
    style.css           <-- splash page style sheet