Assignment: Final Project Proposal

It's time to start thinking about your final projects. The final will be a long-term project over the next several weeks. You will build a complete web site from concept to production-ready.

The project will be broken down into steps, each one similar to the smaller assignments we've been doing.

The theme of your project should be either a web site accompanying a made up brand or product, or a portfolio of your own work.

Prepare a short presentation (5-7 minutes) including slides, a powerpoint, or a web based slide show about the site you want to make. You should present (or at least be able to describe) the content, functionality, and some preliminary design concepts.

The presentation should include:

  1. Overall pitch for site content. If you're building a portfolio site, I want to see photos/screenshots/the actual body of work you plan to include. It's hard to design or build anything without the content! So you'll need to decide what works you're including and have the assets ready to go asap.
  2. Overview of functionality - number of pages, types of interactions and menus, intended user experience.
  3. Examples of inspiration sites. This will help us see some of the design elements and components you're going for, and help me see how ambitious it might be from a technology standpoint.

While not required, you may also include:

  • A diagram or flowchart of the site architecture might be helpful to illustrate how the navigation will work and the pages link together.
  • A rough wireframe for some of the layouts. Be prepared to change things based on feedback from the presentation though, so don't spend too much effort making it really high fidelity (yet!). You can even sketch things out on paper if that's faster and easier for you.

If you do any sketching or planning on paper, take pictures or scan so that everything is digitized and we can see it on the projector.

Don't worry if you haven't learned how to do all of the things you want in the final project yet. I'll help you determine what's within the scope of "Web 1", and don't forget that we still have more new concepts to cover!

The presentations will be about 5-7 minutes, with a few minutes of feedback. Please submit an exported pdf of the presentation in addition to the original format you create it in (Keynote, Powerpoint, Google Slides, etc).