Assignment: UX Examples

Start paying close attention to the way that the web sites you visit behave and function. Pick out at least two examples of good, and two examples of bad design. If you notice more, great. Once you start to notice these kinds of details they'll begin to pop out at you left and right.

"Design" for this assignment can simply mean user interface or interaction design. Examples can be about the way information is presented through the layout, or a smaller detail like form inputs or navigation. The entire user experience of a brand or product would, in many cases, be much more involved to report on.

Take a couple of screenshots to illustrate your examples. Then, in a plain text document, paste the links to the sites, and write a few sentences to describe it.

I don't need a lot of detail, just enough to describe your example.

  • What behavior or ability do you expect to see in this example, based on your experience with other similar sites and designs?
  • What behavior or ability does the site actually have that makes it different?
  • Why do you think this is particularly clever, convenient, effective, or particularly poor?

You'll find information on how to take mind blowing, face melting screenshots on the Resources page.

This project will be collected as a simple folder of text and screenshots/photos. A web page isn't necessary.