Assignment: HTML Recipes

Create HTML documents for two recipes. The recipes can be anything found, something of your own, or even something made up. (Heck, they don't even have to be food!)

Each recipe page must include:

  • A description of what the recipe will make
  • At least one list (ingredients, steps involved, or both)
  • At least one image. Include the image in your files with the HTML document (don't source it from a url on the internet).
  • A link and credit to the original recipe source. If using a recipe of your own, a link to any outside resource related to the content will do.
  • A link to the other recipe page.
  • Required tags: <!DOCTYPE>, <html>, <head>, <meta>, <title>, <body>, <p>, <ul> or <ol>, <li>, <img>, and <a>

The pages will link to one another, but you're welcome to make the recipes a tastefully crafted pairing, or be completely unrelated.

While both documents will probably be structured similarly, I encourage you to type them both from scratch to quiz yourself.

The point of this assignment is primarily to practice setting up documents and using tags. They won't look very exciting, but the order and hierarchy of the content on each page should make sense. Get used to the way that whitespace in the code does not directly reflect spacing in the browser. Tab elements that are nested inside one another, and space lines in a way that makes the code as readable as possible.