AAV255 - Web 1

Spring 2021
AAV255-01 | Mon/Thu 8:00-10:50 | Remote/Online
AAV255-02 | Mon/Thu 11:00-1:50 | Remote/Online

Welcome to Web 1 at TCNJ. This site will be updated frequently with course content and resources.

Due Monday 3/8

  • Read Lesson: Clipping and Overflow
  • Finish Assignment 06 Advanced CSS Selectors
    • If you’d like to continue working together, set up a group DM in Slack! Or GroupMe, or whatever.
    • Breakout groups are listed in the class notes from today’s class. If your group works on this together after class, please reach out to anyone in your group who wasn’t here during class, just to offer!
    • Even though you’re working in groups on this you will still submit individual copies through Google Drive as usual. (06-advanced-css-selectors)
    • I’ll collect what you’ve got for these on Monday and go over the answers. Good luck! 😝😈

This is an introductory course in front-end web development, primarily using HTML and CSS. We will explore the principles and techniques of designing for the web, as well as discuss the internet as a medium for art and design. The class is setup as a series of lessons and demonstrations, with small assignments to reinforce new concepts. Later in the semester, a larger project will apply all of what we've learned.

The complete course syllabus is available through Canvas.

Drop questions any time via email!