Assignment: ROYGBIV

Create a stacked set of rainbow color bars using HTML and CSS. Label the bars. Feel free to be creative with the fonts used and the exact shade/tint of each color.

This assignment should show that you can:

  • Create and link a stylesheet to your HTML
  • Create and use at least one CSS class to apply styling rules. Designing your page will likely require more than one selector in the stylesheet, but at least one of them should be a class.
  • Use Google Fonts to add at least one custom font. Test your page on at least two computers (your own + another) to make sure the font(s) work.

When viewing your page on different computers, observe any color shifts that may occur between different screens and browsers, but don't worry if you notice any.

In your browser, right click somewhere on your page and choose "Inspect Element" to open the developer tools. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with how to navigate the HTML tree, and see how your styling rules are shown. Try editing a rule to see changes applied live in the browser!